Kaleidoscope Girl


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Look deep inside
your kaleidoscope mind
for there is an ocean far and wide
holding what you are seeking to find

Familiar patterns won’t be seen
only waves of images, the abstract kind
inviting you to unravel what they mean

Polyhedrons, colors, and rays of light
a luminous opal sunbeam
leading you to the most beautiful sight

Like a beacon in the deep, the rarest pearl
you cannot deny its power; let go of the fight
realize the beauty within you, my kaleidoscope girl

Always and Forever


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eyes and heart

Tears swell up in my eyes

It’s almost to blurry to see

But it’s feeling him in my arms

When something overwhelms me

It allows me to see more,

More clearly than I have before.


I feel my eyes are opening,

Opening for the very first time in my life

What I see before me is a love like I have never known,

Love that flows right through me, it’s as piercing as a knife

From within this incredible emotions pours out

And it is then I just know without a doubt.


I try desperately to speak

To say everything I have wanted to say

But the words don’t come so easily

And I can only hope to find the right ones someday.

In this existence words beautiful enough seem as though they can be found never

So for now, I look into his eyes, soul to soul, and whisper that I will love him …

Always and forever.


Photo credit:  desires- andso-much-more.tumbler.com



In Your Arms


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When I look into your eyes, I wonder how deep is the ocean that lies within them?
I see reflections of tomorrows’ sky filled with the stars that are our dreams
When I listen to your voice, it echoes within my soul and I am lead into Zen

I hear the gentlest whisper that could calm my loudest screams

When I am with you, time transcends this lifetime and feels infinite like our love

At first perched on a branch of constraint, it now flies freely like a dove

When I feel your heartbeat, it pounds intensely from enchantment
With my head nestled on your chest, I listen to it play the most seductive song
When I lay in your arms, my heart sits wrapped in contentment

And I finally realize, this is where I will always belong …

in your arms.


Weekly Photo Challenge – Grid


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I took this photo while laying down in my bed about a year ago and I thought it fit the Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge – Grid. It is actually a picture of the roof to my patio turned upside down. Suffering from chronic pain, I spent a lot more time in bed than I would like to so my bedroom has become a very mundane scene. However, it’s surprising how much different a room or a view can look through a camera lens.


Tides of Time


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Jupiter, FL

Not yet buried by the tides of time, into the raging sea of my memories is the recollection of a night that cut time and existence and left a splinter in my mind.

I cannot recall the entirety of that day, for it is meshed in with the simplicity of any other given day. But that night, ah yes, that stormy autumn night that brought the waves crashing back upon my shore, I cannot soon forget.

Slipping away from an embrace of midnight, I sat alone on the floor of a room in which I sojourn to escape from everything except my thoughts. It is there in obscurity with the candlelight licking my face and the moonlight gently kissing my body that my memories of him began to flood my mind.

I recalled how he at one time became my whole world and then quickly departed from it.

Journal Entry: 1999

Tainted Love


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In My Room

It crept into my life,
a sweet poisonous gas
gently seeping in under the door to my heart
and when I was looking away (for just a moment)
it slipped in through the window to my soul.

It became the only thing that surrounded me,
yet I wasn’t aware it was there at all.
I took in a little with each breath;
the feeling was unrecognizable
and before I could realize what was happening,
I was addicted.

It became all I ever wanted;
I would take in as much as I could
but it was till never enough.
It seemed to feed my feelings and emotions,
letting them grow beyond expectations
and then they withered away.

The poison suffocated me
leaving me gasping for something pure.
I was left no other choice but to open the window
and let it all go.

Journal Entry: July 1999