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Since prehistory, some meaning has been attached to the designs and patterns  in our hands. Designs, such as our fingerprints, could quite possibly reveal the secrets of our inner self. Perhaps each fingerprint is like a map that is predetermined before our birth. Each intricate design tells the story of the journey of our soul in a language that we will never come to understand, for we live the story and learn it as we experience life. Each finger is symbolic of the main aspects of our personality. Each tells a specific story that pertains to the overall aspect of who we are. Our fingers are like different volumes in a collection of books. When a book is old, its pages torn and battered,  you know it has possibly been read by several people; that book has been everywhere, perhaps around the world and back. The same is true to ourselves when we are old. Our hands and fingers are our book, and by appearance you can tell a person has had a long life. Our fingertips contain the text; they tell our story. That is conceivably why most of us choose to use them as on outlet to express ourselves. So, here is my hand as I see it and know it thus far.



My thumbs represent my insecurities, because they seem alone and distant, in comparison to the rest of the hand. It is this sense of loneliness that that feeds my insecurities because I suppose deep down it is the one thing I truly fear. Somehow it is tied in to all the decisions that have brought my life to where it is now. If only all I had to do is suck my thumb to give myself that sense of security we all needed as young children, maybe then life would not be so fearful. I need to face what is ahead of me, to learn the lessons imprinted on my thumbs, so I will overcome what makes me so insecure.


In conjunction with my insecurities would be my imperfections. Symbolic of this is my pinkies,  for they are imperfect themselves, they are bent. Not only do they represent physical imperfections, but the psychological ones as well. I have made many mistakes i my life and my judgement has been far from perfect. I must take advantage of these imperfections  to hopefully attain enlightenment  from them in in achieving a higher degree of strength and harmony. I know I am headed on the right path, for a have accepted my physical defects, such as my pinkies, as part of my identity and would not change them for anything.

Index Fingers

The part of me that summons the courage to face my imperfections and overcome my insecurities is held in my index fingers. Since they are the most used and strongest fingers, they represent my strength and will. When a person points a finger at someone it may be to reprimand them, command them, or to make  a point when saying something they believe in. If I use my finger as a gesture toward someone I might as well be saying, “Don’t get in my way!”Therefore, it signifies my strive to succeed and my determination to get where I want without letting anything stand in my way. It is plausible that my fingerprints reveal the lessons learned in going against the crowd and standing up for what I believe in. It tells the story of my ability to always stay true to myself no matter what.

Ring Fingers

There is always another side to everything. Opposite the pointer fingers, my strong side, are the ring fingers; my weakest fingers. They are also often associated with love and commitment. This association happens to make my ring fingers the perfect representation of my greatest weakness, love. I have always been willing to declare my love and devotion for someone far too easily. I suppose it is because I am naive. Rather frequently, I find myself putting on an exorbitant amount of trust into how people say they feel. I never stop and take  a moment to doubt it all just for a second; I just run with the feeling. With all this in mind, my fingerprints would tell of the trials and tribulations of my friendships and relationships.  They would reveal the answer whether I ever conquer the quest for true love.

Middle Fingers

The middle fingers are probably the most important. They give a sense of balance to the hands. This is also true of myself, for the middle fingers are to me symbolic of the balance among all my characteristics and the sense of unity within. Since, they are the longest, they also portray my most prominent quality, the ability to understand and see things from several points of view. This quality will not exactly guarantee a fulfilling life, but it will assist in achieving a higher level of intimacy between myself and the people I love and respect. My fingerprints contain the inscribed epic journey in this lifetime in acquiring an understanding of the soul; my own soul, other souls, and how they are bound to each other.


The description of my hands in comparison to how I perceive myself is only a generalization of the text believed to be inscribed within my fingerprints. So far, I have barely experienced a glimpse of my inner self and what my my purpose may be. Perhaps I will never completely find myself, or will I ever grasp the answer. Though the theory still remains…if each finger is symbolic of a different characteristic of our personalities, then they will all come together to form the hands that represent the complicated individuals that we are. Possibly, it is our fingerprints that hold the power to the discovery of our foreordained journey in this lifetime. If only we could read these complex designs, we could then read into ourselves just as we read a book. The irony of it all is that we use fingerprints to identify people physically, and on our quest in life to identify ourselves spiritually, perhaps the answers have been right at our fingertips all along.