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Goodbye by Anna Shukeylo

Goodbye by Anna Shukeylo

A follow up to The Edge of Happiness and Disappointment

Did I jump off before you got the chance to push me?

Was I scared to think you would actually do it?

I was confused; it seems like an easier way

I doubted it all for a second and realized maybe it was just me

I forgot to express all that I wanted to

I grabbed onto any little bit I could

Hanging there

Waiting to know if you would come back for me

Or just leave me there


It all gave in and became apparent that you ignored my wanting

And had already walked away to find something


Except all that I was

I was on my way to where I knew I would always go

It just wasn’t home

And I would have to take the path there alone

Wandering, lost

You were now just a memory

A blink of an eye

A sweet kiss on the lips

A split second of this journey

A fleeting embrace of everything that life is

Journal Entry: 1996