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eyes and heart

Tears swell up in my eyes

It’s almost to blurry to see

But it’s feeling him in my arms

When something overwhelms me

It allows me to see more,

More clearly than I have before.


I feel my eyes are opening,

Opening for the very first time in my life

What I see before me is a love like I have never known,

Love that flows right through me, it’s as piercing as a knife

From within this incredible emotions pours out

And it is then I just know without a doubt.


I try desperately to speak

To say everything I have wanted to say

But the words don’t come so easily

And I can only hope to find the right ones someday.

In this existence words beautiful enough seem as though they can be found never

So for now, I look into his eyes, soul to soul, and whisper that I will love him …

Always and forever.


Photo credit:  desires- andso-much-more.tumbler.com